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Tony is a world-class, international entertainer and a professional chef. But his love for serving great food comes from his childhood. Tony had a little brother with severe asthma and when he would have an asthma attack that would keep him home from school. Tony's mother would keep him home from school also to take care of his brother. Tony would make his little brother can soup and ham and cheese sandwiches. Tony would watch cooking shows on TV and started to try some of the things he saw on the shows to those cans of soup and sandwiches to try to help his sick brother feel better. Then one day Tony heard one of the chefs say " when you cook for someone, it is an act of love". That was exactly what he was doing for his little brother, loving and caring for him through food. Now Tony is bringing that same passion to your table.

Live Entertainment

Martelli's offers high end Vegas style entertainment to any size event, from small personal gatherings to full production shows.

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